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girl's day!

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girl's day! Empty girl's day!

Post by Katherine Riddle Sun Apr 17, 2022 8:08 pm

Katherine had been in a bit of a funk since her children and husband had gone back to Hogwarts. It was so quiet at the Riddle Manor without them there and it was oddly depressing. Though, Katherine wasn't one to give in to such things! No, instead she had put the plans together to have her closet expanded to accommodate all of her shoes and clothes that she had gotten in the recent months and decided to plan another shopping trip for her daughters who had already graduated. She didn't know what she would do if she didn't have her two oldest daughters to spend time with while the others were in school! So, she had invited both of them to Paris to shop some of the most high end boutiques. After all, while her husband was away at school there was no way he could object to her spending nor the extra clothes and shoes that would take up even more space in their closets! Not that Lochlan would ever deny her anything anyway! She waited inside a little cafe where she had asked her daughters to meet her with a cup of coffee and croissant in front of her. She nibbled at the croissant as she waited.

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girl's day! Empty Re: girl's day!

Post by Medea Riddle Sun Apr 17, 2022 9:00 pm

After weeks and weeks of dealing with drunken patrons, it was lovely to be extended an invitation to go on a shopping spree with her mum in Paris. Medea was excited to have a change of scenery although it wasn't all that long ago that the entire family went on their summer holiday. It was a good thing her family had a degree of wealth as it made getting a last minute portkey from Terror Tours easy to obtain. Before she knew it, she was in France and all she had to do was apparate to a specific little cafe they always went to.

Medea apparated to the cafe and walked around until she spotted her mother. "Oh, mum, I needed this excursion!" She was sure Mats would appreciate it as well assuming she wasn't getting around at the moment.

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