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It's a Field Trip (Muggle Studies Class Trip)

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It's a Field Trip (Muggle Studies Class Trip) Empty It's a Field Trip (Muggle Studies Class Trip)

Post by Richard Black on Wed Sep 11, 2019 10:54 am

Richard thought that he would treat his students to a field trip, he had got the headmaster's permission to take the class to Museum of Muggle Curiosities for the day. He hopped that kids would enjoy themselves looking around the museum and the interactive exhibits, he also just wished that they would enjoy their time out of Hogwarts as it is rare to get permission to go anywhere out of Hogsmede. Choosing the Jellied Eel Shop for their lunch as he thought that it would be a treat for them, also was less work on Hogwart's House Elves, which he always thought should not exist.
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