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It's the start of a new year at Hogwarts! Our application is short and simple to ensure everyone can get to RPing without complication!
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Gryffindor Sixth Year

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Post by Aquila Malfoy Sun Apr 26, 2020 11:49 am


Abigail Cowen - @Molly Weasley II
AJ Langer - @Eloisa Morais
Alexander Ludwig - @Jaxon Ericson
Alvaro Rico - @Rafael Delgado
Andrew Garfield - @Lukas Parkinson
Anne Hathaway - @Nova Carrow
Ariana Grande - @Abeline Steele
Asher Angel - @Tucker Longbottom
Ashley Fink - @Andrea Ross
Ashley Moore - @Amara Jordan
Avan Jogia - @Jonah Ravencroft
Barbie Ferreira - @Gemma Parkinson
Ben Jelen - @Hyacinth Macmillan
Bill Kaulitz - @Cernunnos Largo
Blake Lively - @Carina Malfoy
Brandon Lee - @Harrison Jetson
Brian Molko - @Narkissos Jetson
Britney Spears - @Camille Voclain
Bud Cort - @Lazar Tremlett
Camilla Cabello- @Jocelyn Sawyer
Camilla Ludington - @Addison Victrola
Charisma Carpenter - @Tabitha Cartwright
Charli D'Amelio - @Layla Cartwright
Chris Lilley - @Nemesis Jetson
Christine Taylor - @Evelyn Grayson
Cody Christian - @Salem Longbottom
Colton Haynes - @Benjamin Goldstein
Craig Charles - @Fred Weasley II
Damon Albarn - @Teddy Lupin
Danielle Rose Russell - @Ingrid Grindelwald
Debbie Gibson - @Aquila Malfoy
Dixie D'Amelio- @Emerald Cartwright
Dove Cameron - @Mackenzie Riddle
Dylan O'brien- @Charlie Baker
Ed Sheeran - @Darius Weasley
Edvin Endre - @Louis Weasley
Elizabeth Gillies - @Pandora Carrow
Emilia Clarke - @Tessa Shaw
Emily Browning - @Matilda Riddle
Emily Meade - @Faye Phiera
Emma Stone - @Drusilla Trelawney
Ester Exposito - @Chantal Delgado


Freddy Carter - @Ptolemy Rowle
Gal Gadot - @Mystique Vega
Harrison Gilbertson - @Wade MacKenna
Harry Styles - @Ashton Harrington
Haven - @Haven Munroe
Henry Ian Cusick - @Jedidiah Cartwright
Jace Norman - @Doran Riddle
Jack Black - @Reed Jackson
Jacob Elordi - @Oleander Parkinson
Jared Padalecki - @Austin Blake
Jenny Boyd - @Siobhan Finnigan
Jensen Ackles - @Austin Blake
Jeremy Shada - @Samuel Rosewood
Joe Keery - @Archer Belvedere
John Simm - @Lochlan Riddle
Johnny Depp - @Jonathan Maddox


Kaia Gerber - @Willow Rossi
Kathryn Mcnamara - @Lily Potter
Katie Cassidy - @Gabriella Riddle
Kaylee Bryant - @Paloma Delgado
Kendall Jenner - @Hazel Cartwright
Kris Jenner - @Pasithea Jetson
Krystal Jung - @Discordia Lestrange
Leighton Meester - @Sadie Cavendish-Belvedere
Lily Collins - @Serena Snape
Lorenzo Zurzolo -@Elijah Higgs
Lori Beth Denberg - @Cherry Darling
Louis Tomlinson - @Albus Potter
Lucky Blue Smith - @Faolan Finnigan
Maddie Ziegler - @Eleanor Huxley
Mads Lewis - @Charlotte Huxley
Margot Robbie - @Dominique Weasley
Marianne Williamson - @Hermione Granger
Marie-Pierre Castel - @Medea Riddle
Mario Blanco - @Javier Morais
Marlon Teixeira - @Alessandro Jilani
Matt Cornett - @Manuel Delgado
Maureen McCormick - @Marilyn Grayson
Megan Fox  - @Chase Campbell
Miguel Bernadeau - @Rasputin Delgado
Mila Kunis- @Alayna Nott
Naomi Battrick - @Ptolemy Rowle
Natalia Dyer  - @Savannah Harrington
Natalie Dormer - @Katherine Riddle
Nichole Sakura - @Thalia Tremlett-Chang
Olivia Holt - @Sierra Longbottom
Olivia Rodrigo - @Lilith Lestrange
Oscar Spendrup - @Raven Jilani
Oskar Fahlen - @Azazel Baptist


Peggy Lipton - @Victoire Weasley
Pyper America Smith - @Aisling Finnigan
Rachel Hilbert - @Lakelyn Munroe
Richard Dormer - @Odin Ripley
Rose McGowan - @Diamonique Cartwright
Rosie Tupper - @Astrid Eriksson
Sabrina Carpenter - @Cassandra Sinclair
Sally Kellerman - @Edith Grayson
Samantha Logan - @Roxanne Weasley
Selena Gomez - @Maia Black
Shaun Ryder - @James Potter
Shawn Mendes- @Ethan Layton
Stefania Spampinato - @Skylar Ashton
Taylor Hill - @Malia Rossi
Terese Pagh - @Amaryllis Macmillan
Thomas Doherty - @Cepheus Carrow
Toby Sebastian - @Atticus Nott
Tom Glynn Carney - @Indigo Macmillan
Tom Holland - @Levi Copeland
Tom Payne - @Leonides Belvedere


To Claim:
[code]Face Claim - @"First Last"[/code]

To Reserve:
[code][i]Face Claim - Alias[/i] Reserved Until: Date (two weeks from date reserved)[/code]


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Hufflepuff Seventh Year

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Post by Chase Campbell Wed May 25, 2022 2:54 pm

Jordan fisher - @"Preston zabinj"

Carolynn Shada - @"Abeline Steele"

Aria shagashemi - @"Carter Mason"

Chase Campbell
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