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BREAKING: Riddle Family Death Warrant

Admin | Published on the thu Nov 05, 2020 8:31 am | 141 Views

Following the incident at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry earlier this month, where 15-year-old Mackenzie Riddle performed the Severing Curse on 16-year-old Emerald Cartwright, the Cartwright family have expressed their utmost dissatisfaction with Riddle's punishment.

The Cartwright family, as largely renowned and influential overseas, have taken their fury to the British Ministry to secure justice for their young daughter.

As of today, 28th February 2021, the Ministry has declared the passing of a death warrant on the Riddle family (photos and details captioned). 

The notoriety of the Riddle name is known across Wizarding Britain. While they had, for a time, appeared as respected members of our society; it appears that the cracks are beginning to show. Shortly before the passing of the warrant, Defence Against the Dark Arts professor Lochlan Riddle, 50, alongside his school-aged children Gabriella Riddle, 17, and Doran Riddle, 13, had fled Hogwarts School. It appears that the family had been tipped off, although the Ministry has not declared any suspects as of yet.

The Ministry are currently conducting a thorough inspection of the Riddle estate, as well as Professor Riddle's former office at Hogwarts, to gather any information of their current location, which remains unknown.

"We implore that the Wizarding public keeps their distance from these dangerous individuals, and leaves the Ministry and the Aurors to secure their capture," Says Auror Harrison Jetson, 54. "There has been a Ministry hotline put in place for any information or sightings you have of the Riddles. Stay safe, and stay vigilant." 

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