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we must be mistaken ((open))

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we must be mistaken ((open))

Post by Antoni Zaleski on Sun Feb 04, 2018 11:43 am

Antoni had mixed feelings about being at Durmstrang since he knew that place was filled with hell. He saw that many students were a fan of dark arts and it ticked him off. He had never been the type of guy who had enjoyed the dark arts in particular, but here he was a place that had been a sanctuary for dark arts. The guy decided that he could use a breather from all of it, so he decided that during one of his breaks the guy would go out and spend some time with himself. Walking over to the secret cave, that he had heard his son talk about due to him being the type of kid who wanted solitude.

He entered the cave that been rather dark and sinister, and he let out a sigh. The place was not his forte, but it would be all that the guy could find and be looking around the cave, he closed his eyes. Opening them the man had walked over to the back of the cave where he decided that he would take a seat and let out a sigh. Knowing all too well, that he probably looked like a kid but he even the grown man needed a break from life at times.
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