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The night sky is majestic and cruel (Open)

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The night sky is majestic and cruel (Open)

Post by Guest on Sun Dec 17, 2017 11:47 pm

Mckenna couldt sleep. No matter what he did, his body would not go to rest. She tried sleeping potions, spells even counting sheep, but nothing worked. She groaned and got out of bed and began walking. Her brain was turned off, but her feet knew where to go. She ended up at the astronomy tower and looked around. It was empty. Except for, of course, her owl. She smiled at the beautiful bird.

She held out her arm as a majestic black owl landed on it. It was her own owl, Aurora. Her bird was beautiful. Her feathers were jet black and she bright gold eyes with little specks of green in them. She was one of a kind and she loved her so.

She petted her bird and she nibbled on her finger. She laughed and gave her a treat from her pocket. She smiled and watched as she took off and flew into the night sky, probably to go hunting. She sighed and found her falling asleep. She should go back to her bed, but she was to weak and tired to walk.

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