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Potions in the Making ( Amber )

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Potions in the Making ( Amber )

Post by Guest on Sun Jul 24, 2016 5:42 pm

When it came to what Albus thought on summer they were in his mind, time to go to beaches and find girls in which he could try to get into their heads. It was in his mind the normal trying to get what he wants. Even though he knew that if his parents would be mad if they knew exactly what his intentions were. Since in his mind he was no longer the quiet little Albus, he was his own his person know and that meant he was just an arrogant kid who believes everything is his for the taking.

Leaving the seventeen year old to walk down Diagon Alley, in a ralph lauren stripped polo, a pair of trouser shorts, and a pair of leather shoes In his mind he wondered what in all hell did people think about when they saw Harry Potter's son walk by. Even though Al had enjoyed the attention, in which he received from the many recieved from many onlookers.

He also loved the girls that being a celebrity's son had even though his father had been a legend, he soon looked at saw the apothecary which made him smile. His years at Hogwarts grew for him to love going to apothecaries and working with Potions. The seventeen year old soon walked into the shop. Leaving him to at the many shelves of amazing materials, which he had always wanted to use and still did since when he turned seventeen he was sure going to find some sort of magic to do.

Albus soon walked over to one shelf, and saw someone and he said. " Never thought Potions could be so amazing. " said Albus with a smirk.

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Re: Potions in the Making ( Amber )

Post by Guest on Sun Jul 24, 2016 6:24 pm

Amber had her list in hand, read to stock up for the brewing spree that she had planned for the weekend. She needed a list of ingredients that was about a foot long, and she definitely needed a new cauldron. So, when she stepped into her favourite apothecary, she was ready to start shopping. It was Mr Slug who happened to be working that day, and although she preferred Mr Jigger's company, she was not one to complain, as they were both completely polite to her.

The red head had ordered her list as best she could to make it so she could simply walk down the shelves and pull down what she needed. There were a few old woven baskets, charmed to keep vials from breaking, and she took one and got started. With the hand of the basket over her forearm, and a charcoal pencil in her hand to tick what she took, she wandered down the isles of the small but vastly stocked store.

Amber was stretching for the asphodel, which was high on one of the shelves and just out of her reach, when she heard a fairly familiar voice. She turned, an eyebrow raised and a smirk on her lips as she said, "potions has always been amazing, Potter. It's just that you've only now managed to catch up." To be entirely fair, Amber knew that Albus was quite good at Potions, but she saw an opportunity to tease and she took it.

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Re: Potions in the Making ( Amber )

Post by Guest on Sun Jul 24, 2016 6:36 pm

Albus had been doing Potions for years, and just in his fifth year was when he started to excel at it. Since his mother had made sure he knew what he was doing, before she even let him do anything of those things. His mother had been protective over him, and he knew that but sometimes in his mind it tended to annoy him. Leaving the Slytherin to look as he looked at person who soon saw was Amber Flint, and he let out a smirk.

" Well Flint, if you haven't notice I have been skilled for years. Since after all during my fathers years at Hogwarts he was excellent at Potions. To be honest let just it runs in my blood, then again I think my mother was good too, so it runs both in my blood.  " he said with a smirk. He knew he was a jerk anyone who knew him that. Then soon he looked, and he soon smirked, knowing that some people just never understood him.

Then looking and he said, " Well Flint, should I bother asking how your summer is going, since mine has been just plan Quidditch and that. " as he formed another smirk. He knew he was arrogant, and he knew it had benefits to it. Despite of what house he was placed in he still was not a fan of death eaters. He knew as years went on, he was turning into being more arrogant than his own brother.

" Have you even thought of plans of what your doing after Hogwarts. " he smirked.

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Re: Potions in the Making ( Amber )

Post by Guest on Sun Jul 24, 2016 6:54 pm

Amber had been teasing- meant out of fun- but she should have known better. It was Albus Potter, after all, and he had a lot more trouble taking a joke when directed at him than most people did. She chuckled and rolled her eyes. "I don't need to 'in my blood'," she said, "I'm just good. My grade is higher than yours and you know it." Perhaps Amber wasn't the smartest student at Hogwarts, but she could have easily taken her Potions NEWT when she was a third year and passed it.

Most frustratingly, she was allowing herself to be baited by an annoying brat whom she wished had been dumped on Gryffindor rather than having to deal with him herself for the past six years. "Why, thank you for asking, Potter," she said, her voice falsely sweet and obviously sarcastic, "I have had a spectacular summer so far!"

Her expression then returned to her usual smirk, rolling her eyes once more. "Honestly, Potter, were you born this egotistical?" she asked, "or did it develop as you grew?" His question about her future plans threw her for a moment, but she answered with the slightest hint of a real smile at the thought of her chosen career, "I'm going to be a potioneer, of course. What about you?"

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Re: Potions in the Making ( Amber )

Post by Guest on Sun Jul 24, 2016 8:11 pm

The one thing he hated was when people questioned him, and he did not even care if it was a joke, and one could say he had himself on a high horse. Always have had himself on him, and soon he looked, and he said. " Yeah okay, but it comes easier when it runs in your blood. " smirked Albus. He loved getting on others nerves, and sometimes people wondered why he wasn't placed in Gryffindor. " Sure you are, and that may be, but we all know I am better at Quidditch then anyone. " said Albus which in his mind was the truth.

" That wasn't meant for thank you, but your welcome I guess" he said as he rolled his eyes. Then soon looking, and he said. " That good I guess, but my summer was good too, since as usual I flirted with every girl I could. Since I think I could get any girl I wanted. " he said with a smirk. Since he knew exactly what he was doing as he soon began thinking perhaps he could flirt, even though he could have any girl he wanted.

He knew he was a jerk, and soon looking and he said. " Well you could say it was just brewing, but then again having a famous father. I guess I was born this way, and managed to beat my older brother at being Mr. Charming. Since I after all I am Mr. Charming, every girls dream guy if I am going be honest. " he said then looking.

" That is after all a big word for me, since I am only smart at certain things, and big words aren't exactly in the vocabuluary. " he said sarcastically. Albus soon smirked as he heard Amber's choice of an career. Then soon looking, and saying. " I will probably become a professional Quidditch player, but after that I am not sure. " he said sarcastically. Since he had been more focused on being a teenager.

Then soon smirking, and he said. " I am more looking forward to seeing exactly how horrible the other Quidditch teams are if you at all know what I mean. " smiled Albus. Since he believed Slytherin was the best team, and he looked, and he said. " I am not as stupid as the Gryffindor Quidditch players, and their captain espiecally. " since he was not going to criticize his own sister, but her friend he did not exactly care.

Since the only person he cared about was himself.


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Re: Potions in the Making ( Amber )

Post by Guest on Sun Jul 24, 2016 8:49 pm

"A lot of things come easier when it's in your blood," she agreed, the same false niceness in her tone in spite of her far from kind smirk, "like heart disease, and a low IQ. Doesn't mean that others can't have it just the same. Unfortunately, more people have that second one than should." The last sentence wasn't exactly directed at Albus, but more so meant as a general statement. "You may be quite good on the Quidditch pitch, Potter, but one of these days that big head of yours will make you topple right off of your broom."

Amber laughed under her breath at the almost as sarcastic 'your welcome' to her very sarcastic thanks. While Albus Potter may frustrate her, he definitely made for an interesting change in routine. His following words, however, caused her to laugh aloud, and she rolled her eyes. "Any girl you wanted?" she asked, amusement clear in her tone, "really, Potter? Wow, you really do have just as many tabs on yourself as you appear to. But, I'm glad you've had a good summer."

Once again, the red head laughed, shaking her head. "Mr Charming? More like Mr Arrogant, really," she said, honestly not quite sure what so many girls in their house saw in Harry Potter's youngest son. "I assure you, you are far from my dream guy. If I didn't have to see you every day at school, I'd say you would be more likely found in my nightmares. Unfortunately for me, you happen to be in my reality."

Amber chuckled, and said, "we can't all be good at everything. You stick to being the star Quidditch player, and leave the big words to me." She actually thought he might just have a good chance at making a professional team after graduation, as he really was quite good at Quidditch. "Hopefully you'll do well with that," she said, half honest and half sarcastic. She wondering how someone could actually hold them self in such high regard, but she knew it didn't help that half of the school held him much the same.

She was a Slytherin to the core, and if there was one thing that they could agree on, it was the downfalls of Gryffindors. Of course, it was more of a highly competitive rivalry than an all-out war, but the two houses rarely saw eye to eye. "I'll agree with you on that one," she admitted, "our team has a very high chance of out doing Gryffindor this year."

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Re: Potions in the Making ( Amber )

Post by Guest on Sun Jul 24, 2016 10:07 pm

Albus looked at Amber and rolled his eyes, and he said. " I am not stupid I know since their is such thing as the internet and I did listen in muggle school. I am sure someplace you are unaware since most Slytherins are. " said Albus with his eyes rolled. Since he knew some Slytherins hated muggles. " Since muggles aren't that bad of people. " said Albus knowing he had some sort of compassion. Then soon looking, and he said. " Very funny Flint. " said Albus with his eyes being rolled.

Since he sometimes never understood anyone, since he had himself believing he was better than most people which was generally the case. Since he hated most people, and only found girls to be used to his amusement, except his family. Then soon looking, and he said. " I do keep tabs on myself, and I highly doubt you ever kissed a guy. Meanwhile I kissed several girls, but then we all know I just break their hearts. " he said with a smirk.

" Thank you I guess. " he said annoyingly, since he just thought of ways he could use this situiation to his advantage. Since after all her was a Slytherin, so he might as well use it, and he soon looked and he said. " Why thank you, arrogance is my best attruibute after all, I am not sure about yourself. " said Albus with a smile.

Since he wanted to find some way to annoy Amber more, since she seemed to be the only girl who he could not use to his disposal. Since she was not like other girls, which sometimes made him smile, considering those girls a challenge he loved taking. " Hate to break it to you Flint, but your not exactly my dream girl, since your the only person who know exactly how I work, meanwhile other girls are just so foolish. " smiled Albus. Which was true since most girls who fell for him were either desperate or just plain stupid to believe Albus was the one for them, since he broke to many hearts.

Then looking and he said. " That is very true, since some people can't be Albus Potter the star Quidditch player, or perhaps yourself with your big words. " smiled Albus. Since he had to agree with her since he was wondering if she was complimenting him, and he looked and he said. " I hope so too, but then again their always university which I am sure my mother will make me go too. " said Albus.

" Well I will support Gryfifndor for my cousins, but when it against Slytherin then I would love to show my family just exactly who is on top. Even though my mother and father were amazing at Quidditch. And they were Gryffindors, that is the only Gryffindors I support which are my cousins and siblings. Since whether you know I am not such a jerk since my family comes first which some people think I have no regard for. " said Albus.

Then looking and saying, " Then again you could also blame my family's status for my arrogance which is simply what I do best at. " smirked Albus. Then soon looking, and he said. " So were actually agreeing on something. What a surprise Flint. " said Albus with a cocky smirk, since he was surprised to be agreeing with her.

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Re: Potions in the Making ( Amber )

Post by Guest on Sun Jul 24, 2016 10:35 pm

"I never said you were stupid," she said quickly, her eyes narrowing slightly. Amber may be a self proclaimed asshole at times, but she was always honest when she was. And Albus wasn't necessarily stupid- he just needed to be taken down a few notches. "The inta-what?" she asked, a frustrating look of genuine confusion on her face. It must be a muggle thing that he was talking about. Her gaze sharpened a little, the reference to muggles not being bad people making her feel like he was insinuating that she had a problem with muggles. "I'll have you know, Potter," she said, genuinely angry for the first time since he'd come into the shop, "that I have no problem with muggles. My father would die before he let me go into their world or use their.. things, but I am not like him."

She knew that she'd probably overreacted to such a simple statement, but she always became defensive when people presumed that because she came from a Death Eater family, and because her father should have been locked up for the things he had done in the past, that she was prejudice herself. Which she wasn't. She had just never had the chance to actually meet any muggles, which she thought was rather unfortunate.

"No, I have never kissed anyone," she said, but rather than being offended by the comment, she was proud as she spoke her reply, "I do not need to kiss people to feel important, and I most certainly have no interest in messing around. Silly flings are too much of a distraction from what's important." It was true. Amber had never been particularly interested in boys, though she wasn't one to deny when someone was attractive. She simply didn't have the time for the meaningless relationships that seemed to blossom and die all over school.

Amber snorted in an entirely unladylike fashion and shook her head. "I wouldn't consider arrogance a good attribute," she retorted, "I pride myself more on being intelligent and patient, than on thinking I am better than anybody else."

"Girls and boys alike can be very foolish," she clarified, "some think that they're in love when they don't even know what the word means, and others think they're the best when they still have a lot to learn." Amber knew that her strength was Potions, but she still visited with Mr Jigger in order to learn more. He was much more knowledgeable and experienced than she was and she would opened admit that.

Amber considered his words, realising that despite his theatrics, he was actually being serious. "Why not both?" she asked, "Quidditch players usually retired quite young. At least if you get a degree, you'll have something to do with your time after your Quidditch career is over." Her tone wasn't exactly kind, but she wasn't being rude either. Simply honest.

"I only support Slytherin," she said, "I have no family, so there is no point in placing my loyalties elsewhere." Her entire family had been Slytherins, and she had next to no friends and her closest acquaintances were also in Slytherin house. Family comes first. She had heard those words many times in the past, but they'd never been spoken by her father, or shown in his actions. To him, money came first. Power came first. Pureblood came first. Everything else was second, and sometimes she wasn't even sure if she fit in there at all. She tried to smile, but instead grimaced slightly and said, "you're lucky to have such a close family."

Amber smirked and nodded once. "It would appear so," she agreed, "what a shock." She'd of course known Albus since their first year, but this was definitely the longest that they had spoken for. And somehow, she'd gone from vague distaste, to adamant dislike, to a strange mix of both plus a little bit of distant camaraderie.

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Re: Potions in the Making ( Amber )

Post by Guest on Sun Jul 24, 2016 11:43 pm

Albus looked at Amber and rolled his eyes, " Some people would call me stupid, even though I may be an asshole, but I am certainly smart. To most people surprise I actually get good grades, well they may not be good as yours, but their still good. " said Albus. Which was the honest truth he was smart, but also tended to use his smarts for other things. Then soon looking, and he said. " The internet a place were people look up things. " said Albus who got his phone on out and went on the internet.

" And you actually listen to your father? Why don't you you do your own thing, and if you want I will be kind enough to show you the internet. Since I am not always a total asshole. And I do have some sort of compassion. Well your father is stupid for hating muggles, and that is good to know, muggle runs in my blood on my dad's side. So I was brought believing muggles were good people, and my aunt is a muggleborn. " said Albus. Since many people believed Albus to hate others such as muggles, but he had no problem with muggles. He just was an arrogant son of a gun.

Then soon looking and he said. " I was important before I even kissed a girl, I just like to use that since so many desperate guys wish they were me. " knowing he was going to get scolded, and he soon looked, and smiled. " Best part about being young is we still have the right to mess around and not take things seriously. And unlike my parents, at my age were on the run, and not taking time to be a teenager. And unlike my father I am actually going for my seventh year at Hogwarts. " said Albus.

Which was true his father was finding horcruxes in his seventh year, and his mother was a student, and then their was Albus who had the option of living his life. Then soon looking and saying then looking, and he said. " I have had relationships before to know I am a romantic and always have been. Since being a ladies man isn't that hard if you have the looks, but then again we all know how I am. " said Albus.

" Well yeah, but that is mostly a girl thing, since some girls want their happy little endings with prince charming. Which is just stupid, since life has no fairy tales, and they will never exist, well their is true love, but still some people are just plain naive. And if I am going to be honest, some girls have to be pretty naive to fall for me. Since their only going to be hurt in the long run, and yes I can feel compassion. " said Albus.

Soon looking and saying, " That was my plan anyway, since after all Hercules Gaunt of the Montrose Magpies does it so why can't I? " asked Albus. Then soon looking, and saying. " I could always pursue a career in Potions or go work as an auror with my father. I am sure he would let me work with him. Since I practically grew up around that sort of thing. " said Albus which was true.

His life was practially spent in the auror office with his family, " I know how it works, and I am sorry you do not have a family. " said Albus trying to change his tone just a little bit. Since he had started to actually grow a liking to her. Then soon looking, and he said. " I know and I don't take that for granted, unlike many other lowlifes in this world. " sneered Albus.

" I mean like criminals and people who kill their family members. " said Albus hoping that she would not take that the wrong way. Leaving the seventeen year old to look, and roll his eyes, and say. " A shock it is indeed. " said Albus. Since he knew how it was going to be as he thought, and he looked.

Soon looking, and saying. " I do have the ability to be nice too, and your actually quite interesting to talk too. Since we generally do not talk much, and we do were generally arguing over how I act. " smiled Albus. Which was true he knew he was not exactly people's best of company since he was rather unpleasant at times. As well not exactly someone's favorite company which many people often got mad at him for.

" If you don't mind me asking are you excited for our final year at Hogwarts? " he asked in a sincere kind tone.

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Re: Potions in the Making ( Amber )

Post by Guest on Mon Jul 25, 2016 12:26 am

"I wouldn't call you stupid," she said honestly, "I just think you could do much more productive things with the intelligence that you do have." He was right- her grades were better than his. She always checked to see where she ranked, and although not at the very top of that list, she was fairly high up there. But she was well aware that there were many different types of intelligence, and that they all held their own value. "So, why not go to a library?" she asked, still confused, "I know that muggles have libraries."

Amber sighed and shrugged. "I don't necessarily listen to him," she explained, "but I can't very well venture off into the muggle world on my own. I mean, I dress like a witch, act like a witch. I don't even know how I get there. They'd think I'm crazy!" Although a small part of her tried to defend her father, what came out was a 'what can I do about it' shrug. "He is stupid for his opinions, but he's so stuck in his ways that there is no getting him out of it. Where would you find an Internet to show me?"

"I can't decide what's worse," she said, "you using girls, or girls letting you use them. It's disgusting." He was right, though. They didn't have the same stresses hanging over their heads as their parents had had before them. They could really just be young and carefree. But Amber had trouble being the later. "I find myself taking a lot of things too seriously," she said, shrugging again.

The red head pulled a slightly pained look, and she said, "that's great for you. I just.. don't really do relationships. They're not really my style." And I've spent the past six year hiding the fact that I actually consume human blood, and getting too close to someone could ruin that in a moment... Of course, she wouldn't say that out loud.

"You feel compassion, but you don't care when a girl falls head over heels for you and you shatter her heart?" she asked with a smirk and a raised eyebrow. "I have to be honest," she said, "I gave up on happy endings and fairy tales a long time ago. They really don't exist." Amber wasn't deluded into thinking that she could never be happy, per say, but she knew that it would never happen like it did in the stories.

Amber nodded, remembering reading something about the player Albus mentioned in the Daily Prophet at one stage. "There is no reason you can't," she agreed, "it's always good to have options. Maybe you won't like flying professionally and would prefer to do it just for fun."

The Slytherin waved her hand, dismissing his words. "I don't need a family," she said, though the little girl that still lingered in the back of her mind disagreed. She tilted her head with narrowed eyes at his words, her expression more so calculating than accusatory. She wondered if he was referring to herself, but he explained further and her expression relaxed again. "I hate that, too," she said, having grown up around people who really did take their families for granted.

Amber smiled, a little amused by his words, but deciding that she didn't have to dislike him to be able to have a decent debate with him. "You're not so boring to talk to yourself," she said, and then smirked and added, "once you get past the cocky attitude, of course. Besides, light arguments are considered healthy to some."

He mentioned school, and Amber's eyes brightened. "I am!" she said, "but I'm also a little sad. I've loved being at Hogwarts. It's the only real home I've got, you know? But I'm looking forward to what else is out there for me. What about you?"

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Re: Potions in the Making ( Amber )

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