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An In-Depth Examination of Heroes. (One-Shot)

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An In-Depth Examination of Heroes. (One-Shot) Empty An In-Depth Examination of Heroes. (One-Shot)

Post by Joey Quill on Mon Oct 02, 2017 10:33 pm

Joey was wandering through a forest with his sketch book at his side. Harry was put in prison in a rather vague manner. A rather strange idea, even for the wizard's world. There was a strange beauty to it, but some of the most dangerous things are beautiful. He had created plenty of dangerous things, and if he wanted he could create even more. It was hard to believe it was a change of heart, even though Harry's heart was a beautiful display of much neutrality. Despite the insanity that burdened Joey's own mind, he could see it all to clear. The evil was already within, he had plenty of time to prepare however. They would play with this power, as artistic as it would be to be so jarring to strike right away. The evil was a plague acting as a jester, but the good was a king with clear borders. Joey was neither of those things, and was uninterested in the very concept. What would that make him? He'd love to be the artist that threw more upon the canvas rather than be part of the painting... No, he could do so even as part of the picture. That is what all artists have done. They effect their surroundings in every way possible to craft the world as they see. No artist can achieve this by being totally morally right or wrong. Those who stick to such basic guidelines are doomed to failure. He had to be him, he had already been him. Doodle was one piece of art that was impossible to tame in those guidelines, Joey sees beyond the canvas presented to him. He creates the world he sees. However, by setting those records, an artist also sets guidelines. A lot like a hero being a role model. Joey would be a hero in some way, he was certain. Perhaps take steps even the great Harry Potter hadn't. Joey's walk soon came to a halt as he stopped in front of a cave. He smiled as he gazed within the abyss. He knew that his favorite arts would be symbols for years to come...
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