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Live Like Legends

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Live Like Legends Empty Live Like Legends

Post by RebelxxQueen on Mon Sep 11, 2017 12:30 pm

[align=center]Live Like Legends.[/align]
Live Like Legends 4x08_0000_edited

What if you had the chance to go back and save someone who you love that you'd lost? What if you had the chance to save the love of your life? Would you do it? Here at Live Like Legends we explore this and more.

When Sara Lance used the Spear of Destiny to stop the Legion of Doom once and for all, she changed her mind about not using it to save Laurel, her sister and used the Spear to bring Laurel back to life, finding that even over a year later she still couldn't get over losing her sister and the man that she had slowly been falling in love with during her first year with the Legends. Leonard Snart.

At the time of her using the Spear she had no idea how much the world would change because of her decision to get back what she lost. Once the Legion of Doom was defeated Sara and the other Legends returned the Legion to their own timelines and it was then that Sara began seeing small changes to the timeline but at the time doesn't concern herself with them.

But upon returning to Star City in 2017, Sara begins to see the major changes, one of the bigger ones involving her sister who has somehow gotten the metahuman sonic scream that her doppelganger from earth 2 has.

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