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Alejandro Faulkner

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Alejandro Faulkner Empty Alejandro Faulkner

Post by Alejandro Faulkner on Sun Sep 10, 2017 8:24 pm

Alejandro Faulkner Dove-and-cherry-blossoms-photo-u1

Alejandro Faulkner Ruthbasicsapp
Name: Alejandro Aaron Faulkner
Nicknames: Alex, Aaron among Death Eaters
Titles: n/a
Date of Birth: 30.03.
Age: 32
Blood Status: Pureblood
Hometown: London
Current Home: London
Nationality: British
School: Hogwarts
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Wand: hazel, Dragon heartstring, 13½ inches

Alejandro Faulkner Ruthappeaapp
Hair Color: black
Hair Style: short
Eye Color: Blue
Body Type: muscular
Height: 183cm
Other Distinguishing Features: various tattoos including Dark Mark
Clothing Style: At job formal, at home casual

Alejandro Faulkner Ruthpersapp
Alejandro is the moody and complicated person.
It is really hard to understand him and figure out what kind of person he is. He is the loyal friend, he always seems to be cheerful and friendly but that is far away from the truth. The truth is that he is manipulative, cold and really stubborn. He will do everything to accomplish what he wants and if he needs to hurt someone in the process, well, they are just collateral damage for him. He has his ideals and he does everything he can to make them become true. Even if it's hard to believe, he has few friends and he is ready to do everything for them. Generally, he trusts to no one and he thinks that he needs to do everything by himself if he wants it to be good. He is really smart, the good leader and charismatic person so he knows how to get what he wants.

Alejandro Faulkner Ruthfamapp
Father's Name: Simon Faulkner
Age: 67
Blood Status/Species: Pureblood
Occupation: Former professor at Hogwarts/Death Eater
Status: Alive

Mother's Name: Vivian Faulkner
Age: 60
Blood Status/Species: Pureblood
Occupation: Helaer
Status: Alive

Siblings Natalia BLanchard (nee Faulkner) / 39 / Pureblood
Irina Faulkner / 28 / Pureblood
Jason Faulkner / 28 / Pureblood

Children: none

Spouses/Partners: /

Pets: /

Other Key Members: /

Alejandro Faulkner Ruthhistapp
Alejandro is the second child in the family.
Alex was the cheerful and somewhat hyperactive child. He was always getting in trouble, he climbed on the trees although he was aware that he would receive various bruises. In the society, he had always been the loudest and main, he looked a lot older and more mature than befits his age. However, when he was with his family he was very sensitive and complete opposite to Alex who was with friends. Although he no one would never admit it, he never had a problem to play with dolls with his sisters because he wanted them to be happy, and with the brother had always been overprotective although often quarreled with them.

Alejandro thought that going to Hogwarts was the realization of their dreams. The magnificent castle, ceiling depicting the sky and the possibility of witchcraft whenever they want. In addition, every day he spent with his friends. What child could wish for more?
Alex was a child you must love. He's smart and hard-working student, but not a nerd who thinks that books are his life. He always behaved like a gentleman toward the girls, their knight when needed.
For his age he looked very good, was high and since an early age engaged in Muggle football and Quidditch and was already developed, he wasn't skinny and bony like most of his fellow students. In addition, add the blond hair and eyes, and you will get a boy who has a reputation biggest guy in school.
He used it, of course. He reveled in the attention of girls, although his first kiss wasn't before the sixth grade. You wonder why because I told you that he was very desirable? That's because he was waiting for the right moment, might sound girly, but he thought it was something special, right?
He is a person who is perfectly balanced in his behavior.
Teachers loved him and they forgave him whenever he got in trouble just because he was the good student.

After the Hogwarts, Alejandro knew what his dream is: he wanted to be the minister of magic.
He started as Auror and ironically, he joined Death Eaters just like his father and his grandfather. In the age of 30, he finally became the minister and started working on his goal to help Death Eaters to completely take over the Ministry.

Alejandro Faulkner Ruthfamhistapp
Faulkners are pureblood and wealthy family. Vivian and Simon met at the school and even then they knew they are perfect for each other. Almost all members of their family are Death Eaters except Irina Faulkner. She is the member of the Order and black sheep in the family.
Alejandro Faulkner
Alejandro Faulkner Tumblr_monr79pbOR1rsv11mo2_r1_250
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Blood Status :
occupation :
Minister of Magic
Sexual Orientation :
school :
Faction :
Death Eater
face claim :
Adam Levine
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Alejandro Faulkner Tumblr_monr79pbOR1rsv11mo1_r1_250
Minister for Magic

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Alejandro Faulkner Empty Re: Alejandro Faulkner

Post by Dysmas Feofan on Sun Sep 10, 2017 9:45 pm

Alejandro Faulkner Ruthacceptednew

Alejandro Faulkner Tumblr_static_filename_640_v2
Dysmas Feofan
Alejandro Faulkner Tumblr_mwjxc4HeS01rdb1vuo5_250
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school :
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leonardo dicaprio
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Alejandro Faulkner Giphy
Slytherin Sixth Year

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