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Apex Batts

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Apex Batts Empty Apex Batts

Post by Apex Batts on Fri Sep 30, 2016 10:38 pm

Apex Batts Image-placeholder

Apex Batts Ruthbas
Name: Apex Batts
Nicknames: Batty
Titles: Night's Puncture
Date of Birth: Unknown
Age: 22
Blood Status: Half-blood
Hometown: Unknown
Current Home: An Azkaban Cell
Nationality: None
School: N/A
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Wand: He has spikes that have revealed to have magic implanted within them. They are around eight inches each. These not only function as wands to him, but his preferred combat method.

Apex Batts Ruthappe
Hair Color: White
Hair Style: Wild
Eye Color: Yellow
Body Type: Slim with light muscle
Height: 5 feet 9 inches
Other Distinguishing Features: He sometimes has his face encased in his hood, making him have a face that somewhat resembles a bat.
Clothing Style: He commonly wears a cloak, it has eye designs on the sides of the hood. The color of the patterns on the cloak are a jade color. He wears light scaled armor on his torso. Other than that, it's a pretty baggy outfit.

Apex Batts Ruthper
Apex Batts has been shown to be very capable of effecting eVerYOne. Because of this, only those who have magic can guard him. He has shown to enjoy pain inflicted on him, though that doesn't entirely say he's crazy. Though it seems sometimes he forces laughs, it is hard to follow his emotional state. It is possible he has multiple personalities or is bipolar. He hAs alSo prOvEn to be AlmIgHty. It is theorized this is related to him being an defect vampire. He dislikes light, though it doesn't effect him in any way. Though he does like the moon and the night, usually it is best to encounter him on a good night.

The majority of Apex's abilities focus on things such as effecting the minds and bodies of those around him. CoNfusIon aNd pOiSons amOnG oThERs. These effects have proven to be disorientating. Sometimes he would burst into ramble about very random things. One example is how Apex would say, "Repel's effect wore off. Zubat appeared!" This is likely a muggle thing.

Apex Batts Ruthfam
Father's Name: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Blood Status/Species: Unknown
Occupation: Unknown
Status: Unknown

Mother's Name: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Blood Status/Species: Unknown
Occupation: Unknown
Status: Unknown

Siblings Unknown

Children: Unknown

Spouses/Partners: Unknown

Pets: Unknown

Other Key Members: Unknown

Apex Batts Ruthhist
Apex was unnoticed in his youth, supposedly he was a normal child for sometime. The issues began when he was bitten by a vampire. It is unclear who this vampire was, but they managed to mess up converging Apex to a vampire. His mind and body were likely altered as he was bitten. As research proved, hE waS tHe sAmE fOR ThE moSt pArt. It is assumed he still cared for the lives of the friends and family he had. However, at one point he started killing people. This was when he was twenty when he started. He managed to avoid capture for half a year, before turning himself in. iT Is stIll quEsTioneD to THIS dAy, WHY!?

It is unclear what magic school Apex attended, or even if he did attend. NotHiNg, nO reCordS, nONE AT aLL!. In his time at Azkaban, he has proven to be tolerable. Even his containment was difficult to figure out. Upon examination of his spike weapons, it was easier to figure out how they worked. It just wouldn't be easy to replicate. The understanding did improve his containment.

Apex Batts Ruthfamhist
Examination of Apex's blood has proven fruitless. His blood was altered greatly as he was bitten by the vampire. His family cannot be tracked for that reason. His genetics, such as eye color and hair color, were also altered. Batts is also not a confirmed last name, so there wasn't much to link him to anyone.

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Apex Batts
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Apex Batts Empty Re: Apex Batts

Post by Odysseus Largo on Fri Sep 30, 2016 11:18 pm

Apex Batts Tomaccepted
Odysseus Largo
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many things lol
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terrance zdunich
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