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Have Mercy, He begged. (M, Past Event - One Shot)

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Have Mercy, He begged. (M, Past Event - One Shot)

Post by Lethia Knox on Mon Sep 26, 2016 7:03 am

Lethia was protective then but even more so that day, that day she was separated from the most important thing to her; Karma Knox. This day is the day Azkaban became her new home, the very thing that she knew she would destined to go to from the moment she killed her first person.


Lethia smiled, her arm around Karma's shoulders in the protective manner she was known for and she led her towards a shop window, gasping in delight at a necklace. "It would sit so pretty around your throat, Karma." Lethia complimented, beaming wildly and slipped into the shop, leaving Karma to her own devices as she went to investigate the shop. "Good Morning, dear. How can I help?" The shop owner had asked, not glancing towards Lethia which allowed her to miss the wicked grin that formed on her lips. She had already slipped the necklace in her pocket from the moment she entered and a few other items fell into her pocket as she walked past, knowing the owner was transfixed by her work. "Oh, I'm just looking Ma'am. Don't mind me. You know us girls, Diamonds are a girls best friend and I just had to come in." Lethia admitted and smiled towards her, now attracting the old lady's attention who gave her a large wrinkled smile. "Very well." She walked off then, disappearing out back as she stupidly trusted Lethia's innocent act.

Lethia could've stolen the money but her main target was the necklace for Karma and now that it pressed against her hand, she walked outside and her eyes couldn't find Karma in the growing crowd. Panic welled up inside of her. "Karma?" She called out at first and received no reply, which only caused the sick feeling in her stomach to grow and that's when she began screaming her sister's name. "KARMA! Come out, Karma! You know I don't like these kind of games, sis. C'mon! KARMA!" She screamed, now pushing people roughly out of the way and that's when she heard it, the unmistakable scream of 'Let me go' that could only belong to her.

"Karma!" Lethia yelled, a red hot fury building up inside of her and she finally spotted it; Karma and him. He was a student, the same year as Lethia but different house, her pride going to Slytherin and his towards the Gryffindors. Not only were they brave, they were clearly stupid enough to touch one of the Knox Sisters. A growl rumbled in her throat and the dagger in her boot began to burn against her, telling her what to do and it guided her towards them. It somehow ended up in her hand and she was in front of them, shoving him out of the way so Karma was behind her. "Don't you fucking touch her." She growled at him, the dagger gripped tightly in her hand and she smiled wickedly, not even hesitating as the rage consumed her.

She had jumped him, the crowd had dispersed and it allowed the crowd to feast upon the blood bath as she stabbed him so many, many times. He had begged, of course he had and the cries of it only brought Letha joy as blood splattered her face from the stabbing to the neck that ended his life instantly. She laughed manically, sitting on his dead body completely drenched in blood and her wide eyes landed on Karma. "Have Mercy, he begged, no one can have our little Mercy, now can they?" She murmured before her laugh grew, giving her the deep belly ache and even when the aurors grabbed onto her arms, she laughed and laughed all the way to Azkaban.

Giving her confession was simple, she spilled her entire life story and the men before looked visibly frightened of little Lethia Knox. She told them where to find the other bodies, or at least some of their body parts but no matter what, she refused to tell them where her dear lab was to find the rest of the parts. They were important and like hell, was she going to let them destroy years of work.

Due to this, they couldn't give her the Dementor's kiss as she had learned how to block her mind from all of them so they would wait until Lethia spoke. But they'd have to wait as Lethia has no plans of staying in Azkaban long.
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