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Main Plot No. 1

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Main Plot No. 1 Empty Main Plot No. 1

Post by Hydra Lam on Sat Sep 03, 2016 8:01 pm

Main Plot No. 1 P3hl25
Dark times have arisen over the wizarding world. Under everyone's noses, the Death Eaters had come back and taken over the Ministry. Harry Potter has been thrown into Azkaban, and everyone's loyalty has come into question. New conflicts and challenges have arisen between and within the factions. It is up to you as to which side prospers in the end.

Main Plot No. 1 P3hjiD
UNKNOWN 2019/2020
-The Death Eaters have successfully took over the Ministry after a long process of infiltration

LATE 2020
-The owners of The Daily Prophet began being paid off by the Death Eaters to write positive propaganda regarding their Ministry reform
- Desdemona takes the place of the previous Minister under the second Death Eater-controlled Ministry

DECEMBER 25, 2020
-On Christmas Day, Harry Potter is arrested in front of his family and placed in Azkaban for treason after being blasted by The Daily Prophet for questioning a young Death Eater who used the Cruciatus Curse on a classmate

-David Shuter is given the position of Temporary Order Leader by Harry Potter after visiting him in Azkaban

APRIL 2021
- Harry Potter is broken out of Azkaban with the help of Azazel Baptist

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