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Was this right choice to go in there? (Open)

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Was this right choice to go in there? (Open)

Post by Guest on Sat Sep 03, 2016 8:08 am

A little hufflepuff first year girl was standing on the edge of the Forbidden Forest. She have heard that students aren't allowed to go in there. She just was wondering if it was really that dangerous there as people said. She might be in hufflepuff house but that didn't meant she is some girl who is afraid of things. She was brave one for sure. Of course there was times when she was scared. She would have gone in but she just didn't want to be in trouble later.

She looked around her and sighed. Right now she didn't saw anyone here so she did take a few steps into the forest. Few seconds later few more. She slowly walked into the forest and always checking if someone wasn't here. She really wished she wouldn't get into trouble because of this. She soon heard some voices around her and she just in case took a wand in her hand. She knew few spells thanks to her older siblings but she has never really used them before her own.

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Re: Was this right choice to go in there? (Open)

Post by Elizabeth Zatara on Sat Sep 03, 2016 6:22 pm

Yeah, Elizabeth knew the Forbidden Forest was by all official accounts Forbidden, but when did official things ever stop her. There were nice trees to use as punching bags in the woods, especially since Elizabeth hasn't figure out where she would hang a punching bag in the castle. The forest wasn't technically dangerous till you go deeper. If you hang out just inside the tree line the most you'll really run into are Centaurs, and even that's rare.

Elizabeth took another drag of her cigarette, which was another thing the forest allowed her to get away with, smoking. She held the cigarette at the edge of her bandaged knuckles, leaning against the tree she had just gotten done punching. Elizabeth let out a couple groans as she moved around, her muscles sore in just the right way.

As soon as she finished her cigarette, Elizabeth takes a swig from her water bottle and  turns back to the tree. "Left, right, right, left, right, left, left," Elizabeth starts dictating to herself as she starts attacking the tree once again.
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Re: Was this right choice to go in there? (Open)

Post by Guest on Sun Sep 04, 2016 10:05 am

Isabella kept walking and same time hearing weird noises around here. She walked towards the source of the noise since girl was curious what was there. So she just kept walking.

She suddenly stopped when she saw girl punching tree there. She wasn't sure what was going on so she examined it where she was. She didn't really wanna distract the girl. She had no idea if she did it out of anger or just for training. She couldn't tell it.

So she kept her distance for sure. She wasn't sure what she should to do. She still did hold her wand in her one hand, just in case, the girl tries something on her. She tried to be so unnoticed as possible, she didn't wanna get into the trouble.

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Re: Was this right choice to go in there? (Open)

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