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Azalea Rosier

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Azalea Rosier

Post by Azalea Rosier on Thu Jul 28, 2016 6:42 pm

Name: Azalea Lexi Haven Rosier
Nicknames: Aza, Doll and Lexi (Ajax only)
Age: 16
Blood Status: Pureblood
Hometown: Oxford, England
Current Home: Oxford, Hogwarts
Nationality: British
School: Hogwarts
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Wand: 12", Ebony wood, Chimera Scale Fragment, Sturdy. Azalea's wand looks black but when placed into the light, it seems to turn into various shades of dark green and blue and the handle is shaped like a wolf's head.

Hair Color: Dark brown
Hair Style: Long and in waves
Eye Color: left eye is blue, the other brown. Ajax's eyes are the opposite.
Body Type: Skinny, Muscular.
Height: 5'5
Other Distinguishing Features: A few tattoos, hidden from view. Scars also hidden (uses concealment charms) She has a white streak of hair in her bangs no one knows where it came from but Ajax has the same.
Clothing Style: Dark clothing. Loves Steampunk styled clothing Her signature is her goggles that she wears whenever shes inventing or creating anything really. Likes tight clothes, leather jackets are a must but if there are none, will wear cloaks.

Likes: Men, creating things, metal, blood, fighting, weapons, antiques, reading, art,
Dislikes: People calling her stupid, idiots themselves, being touched, being distracted.
Weaknesses: Bad temper, new inventions, weapons.
Strengths: Fashion, Machinery, photographic memory, eidetic memory, knows many languages (uses latin a lot), Her brother Ajax.
Positive Traits: Quick thinker, great strategist, can read body language and facial expressions, brave
Negative Traits: Trains too much, insecure, blunt, can be rude, manipulative, cunning.

Father's Name: Evan Rosier
Age: 46
Blood Status/Species: Pureblood
Occupation: Auror - Secret Death Eater.
Status: Living

Mother's Name: Aurora Rosier
Age: 46
Blood Status/Species: Pureblood
Occupation: Owns a large fashion company.
Status: Living

Ajax Rosier, 16, Pureblood, Hogwarts Student, Living
Odette Rosier, 12, Pureblood, Hogwarts Student, Living.

Children: N/A

Spouses/Partners: N/A

Pets: Nero, 3, Crow.

Other Key Members: ( name, age, blood/species, occupation, status, etc )

Azalea had never been sure of her childhood. Some would say she was lucky to have such a large and active house when she would describe the floods of people in her home and she would receive a scoff when she said there was no such thing as privacy. It was confirmed at a young age that privacy meant nothing in the world she lived in. She would often ask her father, Evan, who she was incredibly close to about the night she was born so she could and would remember every single detail. She begged him to describe what he wore and how many drops of sweat rolled down her mother's face and just how loud she screamed 'This is your fault' to her father and he would and she would always tell him to ask her why but in a months time. Every time he did, she would describe what he told her picture perfect and in the end, she was able to tell him the story instead, especially when he was ill for a little over a month and she would read or tell him the story of her birth.

Her mother screamed a lot and there was precisely six droplets of sweat that rolled down her face but her father would wipe them off with a white rag that had his initials in golden thread and in cursive, the R extending down along the rim of the rag. He himself wore a loose white shirt, much like a pirates with the string to tie it up at the chest and he wore a dark red waist coat. This was loose and the shirt was un-tucked. It showed how frazzled he was at the fact his wife was giving birth and kept blaming him. He described her scream so loud that it could shatter windows but when Aurora was around, he'd deny it and claim her voice was as soft as an angels, just like the day they met.

Azalea felt like she was there, well she was, but she was watching over her own birth whenever the images of her birth flashed through her mind. They had Azalea seen to, confused as to why she wanted to know every detail but even the therapist was stumped and when Azalea could see eveyone's frustration, all she did was smile and say because she wanted to know everything and anything. She led them into her bedroom and opened her closet that held large books where the spine was clearly broken many times and with her back turned to the books, she recited every title and author, year and date they made of all the books. She was only seven at this time.

Azalea and her brother Ajax were extremely close, from the moment they were born as they are twins. Ajax cared for her, catching her every time she fell and brushed away the dirt from her scraped knees when they ran around their family's land. He was the reason she got obsessed with working with metal and gears as he showed her the town's old blacksmithery when she asked to pick up a new skill that not many people had. So knowing her love for anything old, he led her to the old blacksmith and told her about how people would make weapons with metal and heat and she fell in love. The moment they returned home, Azalea begged her family for her own blacksmith forge and they got right on it, believing that the Death Eaters could benefit from the weapons when the young Rosier suggested being able to merge weapons and magic. She began creating weapons, jewellery, metallic animals and even clothing; her favourite to do with clothing would be shoes.

When she turned eleven, Azalea had already learned five languages including Latin and had perfected the skills of a blacksmith...and on top of that, received her letter to become a student at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. The simple word of Witchcraft sung to her so deeply, she began packing and getting ready in an instant and she knew she'd be working on so many more projects in the confinements of Hogwarts, without the distracting presence of her sweet sister who always wanted to help but would get bored after around half an hour of working. The next six years, she worked hard and achieved great grades and after only four years, her sister Odette joined them and they were a mischievous trio. Azalea taught her sister everything she knew, or at least tried to but her sister would always get distracted by everything else. This is where the sisters were different; one's head was up in the clouds in la la land but Azalea? She was focused and driven, with her mad mind causing her to ramble excitedly and sometimes lose focus after a long ramble and repeat some of what she just said. Other than that, her mind was purely focused on many projects that she had going on. Her newest addition to the endless projects is now Alchemy, loving the idea of Salem time witchery. The good old fashioned magic and potions, herbs and grimores.

The Rosier family is made purely of purebloods and death eaters, the latest generation (Ajax, Azalea, Odette) being the exception as Aurora has declared them sideless, meaning they will not choose any sides which Azalea is more than happy with. Despite her hiding how insane she is, she doesn't want the pressure of being on a side and being forced and mould herself into someone she isn't. Her body is a weapon, as well as mind, but she is the only one who can use it. Her twin is Ajax Rosier.

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Re: Azalea Rosier

Post by Sycophanta Zernebog on Thu Jul 28, 2016 7:37 pm

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