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Felix Venox

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Felix Venox

Post by Felix Venox on Wed Jul 27, 2016 11:33 pm

Name: Felix Venox
Nicknames: Fen (mixing his first name and last name)
Age: 16
Blood Status: Unknown
Hometown: Somewhere in Europe
Current Home: Somewhere in Europe
Nationality: Europe
School: Hogwarts
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Wand: 11 in, core is Unicorn hair, and Beech wood, springy, it's design is a little crooked here and there, but mostly smooth also it has a light brown color.

Hair Color: Dark blonde
Hair Style: Messy, medium length on sides and back of the head.
Eye Color: Gold/yellow
Body Type: Slim
Height: Between medium and tall
Other Distinguishing Features:
Clothing Style: Mostly wears robes and hats, his favorite outfit is a red wizard robe and wizard hat. Oh, can't forget the fact that he wears a night gown to sleep, and a sleep hat.

Likes: Naps, the color red, mirrors, ladies, internet cats, people, Jazz, food, flirting, fire, jokes, responding to "oh god", mischief, and magic I guess
Dislikes: Rude people, being stressed, fighting, strict policies, not doing what he wants.
Weaknesses: Lacking others attention, his sister, water.
Strengths: Magically capable, strong stomach, puns, positive emotion.
Positive Traits: If he's interested he's persistent, open minded, clever, likes puns.
Negative Traits: Arrogant, flirts thoughtlessly, if it doesn't catch his interest he won't try very much, likes puns.

Father's Name: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Blood Status/Species: Unknown
Occupation: Unknown
Status: Unknown

Mother's Name: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Blood Status/Species: Unknown
Occupation: Unknown
Status: Unknown

Siblings Belle, 20 years old, blood and species Unknown, occupation unknown, status unknown.

Felix Venox is a traveler with little known of an origin. The closest he has to an origin is from what he has said himself, yet none of it's been proven or disproven. He is a light hearted person, if a bit mischievous. He may have caused some indirect pain through his playing, but he has never shown ill intent. Felix doesn't like to hurt people, instead he merely desires to entertain himself. One of the big things that he does is flirt. Even though he is thoughtless about it, he knows when a lady doesn't want it, they just have to tell him first. He has even shown greater respect for those who do come out and tell him to leave them alone, in an assertive fashion.

Felix arrived in Hogwarts at the age of 11, a bit relieved. He was first found to have magic a year before he first arrived in Hogwarts, the interesting part was how he didn't need a wand to cast specific types of magic. He was unable to cast certain types of magic used by wizards, however.It is not known why he could cast magic like he does without a wand by anyone but him. This magic he casts is also not seen commonly used, there are some similarities in certain magic he casts, but it is different in some key fashions. He has learned and become capable of official wizardry in Hogwarts. Felix seemingly disappears whenever he is not at school, that makes it difficult to tell if he casts magic under age.

Felix obviously has a lot of secrets, he tries to keep them, and does a good job. Felix is a Kitsune, a fox spirit under the appearance of a human. This disguise is not perfect however, he wears a robe to hide his fox tail, the hats he wears are also used to hide fox ears on his head. These are the only things that can have him identified as a kitsune, he wants to keep them secret because he fears he'd be rejected if revealed. He has no family that he knows the location of, so he'd be stuck wandering again.

Hogwarts is the place Felix calls home, Ravenclaw is his family. Even in Ravenclaw he tries to befriend members of other houses, even Slytherin. He would only cast Kitsune magic in the presence of other wizards if he absolutely had to. Despite being content with his Hogwarts families, he does have some issues aside from rude people. He doesn't like lying to those he has grown to know, he tries to distance himself from newer students at Hogwarts so he doesn't have to feel as bad lying to them. Even aside from that, he feels a constant stress in the back of his mind of being revealed as a kitsune. Aside from that he tries to look on the bright side of things, but sometimes what may appear to be a happy smile, could be a façade to hide inner conflict.

The Venox family is unknown except for Felix and his sister, Belle. Felix is the only one that could be tracked though. Despite this he didn't give major details on his family, like blood types. When asked about his sister Belle, he was frustrated. He explained that she never talks to him, but ends up sounding concerned about how he hadn't heard from her in a long time. Once asked about his parents, he stared off into space, then said "They were taken by the depths." As unspecific as it was, he meant that they vanished deep in the water. He doesn't know whether they're alive or dead, all that was left for him was Belle. Belle had left him as well later down the line.
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Re: Felix Venox

Post by Aphrodite Lam on Wed Jul 27, 2016 11:50 pm

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